Your TED

Max Vanatta

Purpose: The process of design is completely entangled with the core elements of this assignment, communication and identity.  It is important for us to make this a top priority as we begin our design process.

Process: Each of us, me included, will put together a short presentation which describes briefly who we are, and then shares one thing you are passionate about.  Specifically it should be in this format: 

  • What's your name?
  • How did you come to be who you are today? (First half- 5 minutes)
    • Tell us some important parts of your life.
    • What events shaped you or who?
  • What is something you are passionate about? (Second half - 5 minutes)
    • Tell us about the topic
    • Tell us about some of the details
    • Tell us about why you care so deeply about it
    • Tell us why we should care so much about it
  • Ask for any questions

(Total time per person - 10 minutes)

Something to think about when doing this- You are the expert on this topic. We are going to be doing a lot of sharing in this class and it is important that when you engage with this class, you are also engaging with all your classmates. We must be able to respect and trust each other with our ideas.  

Also remember that there are many ways of communicating these ideas.  You do not need to simply use a series of images and talk over them, there are other ways which you could choose. Feel free to use the one that you are most comfortable with and that you feel will best share this information.


Pleas post your presentation in the response tab of this assignment.