Plight of the Pollinators (C)

Final Presentation

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Plants on Wheels

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Smell and Water Box

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Plant Perspective

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A developing global crisis could have serious implications on our food security and biodiversity for generations to come. Pollinators are they key agent in randomly delivering genetic material to plants, but a number of issues including climate change, colony collapse disorder, pollinator food source, urban development, etc is affecting this natural phenomenon.

Imagine you are a plant that needs to be pollinated in order to reproduce. What can you do within your limited reach to attract visitors? Many plants have evolved their own techniques to attract pollinators, such as UV reflective petals, glossiness, bright colors, and smell. We will explore these phenomena and others to develop conceptual ideas for physical devices that will help plants encourage more frequent pollinator visits. Students will learn new 3d modeling and building techniques, implementing electronics as needed, to take their designs from concept to working prototype.