Musical Interventions - F


Max Vanatta
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“Music is such a communal activity… but we tend to leave it in the hands of the expert.” —Linsey Pollak.

In this studio, we will develop interactive communal objects through the topic of music. Students will begin by exploring the different ways in which we can interact with music and how we as a class can create it within our own classroom community. Music will be considered a type of playful communication, and students will physically investigate sound-making techniques and materials as a scientific art.  Through the creation of unique musical instruments of their own design, students will discover what makes material into sound and sound into music.  Further they will address how to best share this joyful experience with the world through installing their work here at the school.

How do we make music, not just noise? How does a sound producing object invite the user to interact with it? How does a new user learn to make sounds or play music using this instrument?  What makes this activity communal?  Students will explore these questions through exercises in brainstorming, sketching, and prototyping. Ultimately we will use these skills and prototypes to develop new musical objects for our community at the classroom scale and the school scale.