ChicP - Quinn, Jonas, Sam

Quinn Uva

The problem it is addressing is food waste. 

They solve this problem by turning what would be vegetable food waste into hummus. 

I couldn't find much but it seems that they blend it with chickpeas and some oil and boom! Vegetable hummus. 

The target market seems to be hummus nerds and people who want to help save the planet. 

I don't see much relevance to Woodstock as we can't grow chicpeas here.

Instock - Quinn, Jonas, Sam

Quinn Uva

1. Unsold food products being wasted

2.  They turn it into beer or granola. They also sell books about what you can do with your unused food. 

3. Not sure, doesn't say how. 

4. The target market is people who want to rescue food and save the environment while eating and drinking quality foods.

5. It could. The cookbooks could be used and so could unused raspberries to turn into beer.