Parley for the Oceans - Sam, Jonas, and Quinn

Samuel Fraga

What problem is this project addressing? Trash in the ocean. the founder doesn't believe that we can or will clean the oceans, which is why we need to start using materials that end up there.

How does it solve this problemo? They make products out of plastic from the ocean and they're researching ways to create a new and sustainable version of the plastic we use today, using materials like fungi and algae.

Describe how the technology works: The plastic that's collected is cleaned, sorted, and processed to be reused. 

Who's most likely to buy this product? People that are interested in helping the ocean or like shoes that support initiatives that help the ocean.

Does this issue have local relevance to Woodstock? I don't think so because I don't think we have any oceans nearby but we could definitely buy the products.

Holly Grounds Ramen - Quinn, Jonas, Sam

Quinn Uva

1. Ramen packaging getting thrown away.

2. By having the package turn into sauce when cooked.

3. Made of a bio-film with potato starch and glycerin. Dissolves in boiling water. The film has herbs and seasoning spices in it so it is also the sauce for the ramen.

4. People who want tasty epic ramen but want to save the environment by not filling the trash up with packaging. 

5. I think so. I could see the farmers market selling this.